Friday, December 29, 2006

Wounded Knee, With Arabic Subtitles

Good Morning. A few new items to wrap up the year.

  • Today, December 29, marks the anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota in 1890. Looking back at the way The New York Times interpreted the event, the similarities between the justifications of massacres now and then is a shock of recognition. See "Wounded Knee, With Arabic Subtitles."
  • More American soldiers have died in Iraq than on 9/11. But what does it mean when 9/11's death are set at "2,973," intentionally not to include the nineteen hijakers who also died that day? There's a direct link between that erasure and the de-humanizing way the "war on terror" has been carried out since. See "Demonism's DNA: "2,973""
Plenty more in Candide's Daily Journal. Thanks for reading, and of course Happy New

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Daily Journal Latest: Mercenaries, Atheism and Johnny Carson