Thursday, October 12, 2006

Voodoo Economics Redux

Good morning. A couple of new items...
  • President Bush delivered one of his trademark newseless news conferences from the Rose Garden on Wednesday. Most of it focused on Korea and Iraq. But he did make one astounding claim that most papers are ignoring, but campaign ads won't: That he has cut the budget deficit in half "three years aherad of schedule," and with $12 billion to spare. This, of course, from the man who claimed the Iraq war would cost less than $60 billion. The deficit claim is its own howler. See "W,'s Voodoo Economics."
  • We've democratized everything from elections to education to travel to luxury to the stock market to entertainment to publishing. One exception: When it comes to war, we’d rather know as little as possible. Leave it to the few to tell us what it’s about, to lie or tell us nothing at all. See "Democracy's Ultimate Cover-Up"
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Monday, October 09, 2006

A Bacchanal of Rushdie Affairs

Good Morning... A couple of related items today.

  • It hasn't been a good few weeks for free expression, and neither liberals nor conservatives have much to be proud of--from France to Columbia University to YouTube. See "A Bacchanal of Rushdie Affairs."
  • It's official: Hell has frozen over, because I'm writing in support of one of the blog world's most reprehensible voices. But fair is fair. See "In Defense of Michelle Malkin."
Let's hope it doesn't become a habit. And do forgive. Thanks for