Friday, September 22, 2006

McCain Mutinies Not

Good Morning. A couple of new items today.
  • For a brief moment it looked as if John McCain and two other Republican senators might stand up to the administration's follies regarding terror suspects--illegal imprisonments, torture, kangaroo trials, and so on. Thursday evening, McCain & Co. surrendered. See "Monkey Trials After All."
  • A veteran assassin's warning to Pope Benedict, bombing Pakistan to the stone age, the Wall Street Journal editorial page miraculously sounding reasonable--and more: all in Candide's Latest.
Good weekend

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bush Does the U.N.

Good morning. A couple of new items today.

  • His Tour for Terror over, President Bush was at the United Nations in a seemingkly altered state on Tuesday: more conciliation than bluster, more deference than belligerence. But that's only because his speech was as cleverly written as it was revealing of its disjointed, hollow core. See "Bush at the U.N., in Camouflage."
  • Year after year we hear that federal programs like Social Security and Medicare are heading for bankruptcy. We never hear about the Pentagon heading for bankruptcy. The presumption is that social programs can and must be cut back if the nation is to survive, but military spending cannot be: Defense is indispensable if we’re to have something left to live for. We have it backward. Military spending as a share of gross national purpose is driving us to bankruptcy in every way — economic, social, moral — faster than Social Security or Medicare could, regardless of how “burdensome” the Baby Boom generation will be on those programs. See "Engines of Defeat: Destroying the Gross National Purpose."
The Pope and his commenters have kept Candide's Latest busy. Be sure to check out the last couple of days'