Tuesday, September 26, 2006

36 Hours of Murder

Good Morning. A few items since the weekend...

  • Last Wednesday evening through Thursday proved to be 36 hours of premeditated madness--a banner day and a half for the death penalty, from Florida to Delaware to North Dakota to Jordan, Iraq and Indonesia. To what end? In the Tuesday column, Pierre argues that executions in whatever form--on Iraqi streets or by lethal injection in death chambers-- are indistinguishable. See "36 Hours of Murder."
  • Candide's Notebooks contributor Ohdave sees the architecture of Kafka's Castle in the White House's latest torture-justifying house of cards. See "Tortured Semantics."
  • Kazakhstan, Borat and the Bushes: No one pays much attention to the Central Asian republic (a country four times the size of Texas). We should, now that it's gthe latest tinpot regime to cozy up to the White House. Think oil... in Candide's Latest.