Thursday, August 24, 2006

Polls and Bellwethers

Good Morning. A couple of new items today.

  • The Pity of Polls: It could briefly be played up as a significant number, and the New York Times is certainly trying to headline it as such: 51 percent of Americans see no link between the terror war and the Iraq war. But it isn’t significant. It’s closer to pathetic, like taking heart from the fact that 51 percent of Americans don’t think the Apollo 11 Moon landing was staged, or that 30 percent don’t think angels exist. That 51 percent who see no link between Iraq and terror still means a proportion approaching half, half, still think there is a link. Why? Because the Bush administration's true war has been a triumph. See "How Bush Won His War and Defeated the Constitution."
  • Bellwether Broil: As goes Ohio, so goes the nation. The 2004 election was pretty much stolen in Ohio. The 2006 mid-term election there has a Senate and governor's race portending plenty for the political futyre of the nation. Candide's Notebooks contributor Ohdave (that's Ohio Dave, by the way), previews what's at stake in "Ohio's 2006 Verdict on America."
  • As always, Candide's Latest is a busy place--Iran's bait game, the continuing badgering of Judge Taylor's decision declaring Bush's domestic wiretapping illegal, and more.
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