Monday, August 21, 2006

Lieberman, L'Immoraliste

Good Morning. A few new items to start the week.

  • So his eminence Joe Lieberman declared on a Sunday morning chat show, without hint of having been drugged beforehand, that Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld should resign. Of course it's Lieberman playing craven catch-up with the anti-war vote. But there's more to Lieberman as the country's chief immoralist. See Pierre's "Born-Again Prig: Lieberman, L'Immoraliste..."
  • Candide's Latest would have made Proust proud of late: Don't miss the weekend's version, which included a romp through South Korea's Love Land park (a pictorial experience you won't soon regret; the permalink is here, in case you read this beyond Monday). Also: Is the US military now an army of rapists? And a review of the latest blog recommendations in Monday Morning Bloggerback. All in Candide's Latest...
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