Monday, July 31, 2006

Massacre Redux

Good Morning, at least here. The latest massacre at Qana in Lebanon dominates.

  • In "When 'Never Again' Needn't Apply to Lebanon," I looks back at the massacre at Qana in 1996, during Israel's "Operation Grapes of Wrath"--the assault that Shimon Peres halted as a result of the shelling attack on the refugees at Qana, which killed 102 civilians who'd escaped to a UN camp there. The 1996 massacre is compared with Sundays: nothing has changed, except for the bombing halt: Peres' bombing was over for good. Olmert's is to last only two days. See the full post...
  • Candide's Recommendations on Sunday were focused entirely on the attacks, with links to bloggers' pictures that aren't likely to make it to the front pages and the evening newscasts, as well as Michael Totten's prediction of an impending civil war in Lebanon. The permanent lionk to Sunday's recommendations is here. I hope to have the recommendations updated for Monday by early morning on the front page, here.
As always, check for roving updates on the front page. Thank you for your interest in the