Friday, July 21, 2006

Lebanon Plunders, 1982-2006

Good morning. One (long) new item today to accompany the picture of the young Lebanese girl, above, walking through the ruins of the village of Ferzoul in Lebanon's bekaa Valley.

  • Reagan’s “Outrage,” Bush’s Silence: Here's the somewhat forgotten story of August 12, 1982, the day that saw the worst bombing of Beirut at the tail end of Irsael's 1982 invasion, promting Ronald Reagan's public "outrage" and direct involvement to demand a ceasefire. The article, with numerous links to original reporting from 1982, compares Reagan's reaction then to George Bush's reaction this go around, without quite mythologizing Reagan's role: for all the Gipper's outrage, it was 18,000 deaths too late, and it couldn;t prevent Sabra and Shatila, barely a month hence. What out-of-control surprisers are in store with this invasion as Israelis prepare to enter Lebanon with ground troops? See the full article here...