Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strangeloving Iran: Bush Does Yalta

No surprise. Our Lord and Savior President appears to be boning up for a B-2 bomb run on Iran ’s 17-odd underground nuclear facilities. His Strangelove ordnance might include bunker-busting nukes, because you wouldn’t want to show the world how serious you are about nuclear non-proliferation without going nuclear on transgressors’ isotopes. The administration’s denials are enough to confirm The New Yorker account of the coming air raids by Seymour Hersh, beat reporter to Bush’s Waterloos.
“Seymour Hersh is a liar,” Bush told the journalist Bob Woodward four years ago, an odd judgment considering that The New Yorker’s fact-checking department is more reliable than this White House’s. Renewed Hersh-hissing sounds cribbed from the Iraq playbook, back when the president was wagging diplomacy’s dog in public while he’d already platted Iraq’s corporate and military subdivisions in — literally, so far as the body parts are concerned — skull and bones secrecy. Obstinacy in the face of defeat is the gift of fools who confuse their folly with divine mission. Could Bush be that far gone? Actually, yes, but God’s work may have less to do with it than Yalta . A brief tour of the Oval Office, and a look at a recurrent theme in Bush’s speeches, show why. Read the full column...