Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"God's Eye-View" and Confererate Tags

L’infâme—my all-purpose term for all things repressive and regressive—has been a busy bastard lately. Bush has been playing up his average Joe quotient to win Gallup brownie points. Neo-Nazis in Germany appear to be putting together a few cheerleading squads of their own to bash up foreigners attending the World Cup there come June. America’s anti-immigration cheerleaders, led by their doberman-in-chief at CNN, are dangerously close to sounding like Germany’s gathering foreign-bashers.
Here are two fresher idiocies altogether that haven’t gotten much play: A U.S. Air Force commander in Iraq tells Stars & Stripes that the “focus of U.S. air power has shifted from dropping bombs to giving U.S. troops a ‘God’s-eye view’ of what’s on the ground,” as if one crusading bigot mightily high in the Pentagon’s Iraq chain of command wasn’t enough. I wasn’t aware that god had joined up with the Air Force’s bomb-detecting squad, being under the impression that the “What Would Jesus Bomb” campaign still had him, or Him rather, in the bomb bay scoping out targets to fry. Lt. Col. Pete Gersten, commander of the 4th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron at Balad Air Base and Stars & Stripes quotee, probably though in that Average Joe fashion of the day that he was making a cool run at vivid imagery. Maybe he was confusing god’s eye view with that of our true Lord and Savio, Bush himself. Let that little divine description of bomb-scoping get out on the Iraqi street, where word has it people are just a touch weary of Americans playing god on their ass, and see how wonderfully it will be received. Read the rest...