Friday, February 02, 2007

Loquacious Ineloquence from Bush to Biden

Good Morning. A few items for the weekend...

  • President Bush was scampering discrepant all over Wall Street This week, including a lay-over with the Wall Street Journal Editorial board. The result? See "Bush's Wall Street Bull."
  • Why is the Federal Emergency Management Agency the stand-out champion among federal agencies of the Bush administration's incompetence? See "FEMA's Shams."
  • The Pentagon thinks there are almost 30,000 fewer casualties than does the Veterans Administration, which recently put the number of wounded out of Iraq at 50,000. The discrepancy is indicative of the government's total war on truth. See "When Casualties Aren't."
Plenty more in the various editions of the Daily Journal. Good weekend everyone (and welcome, new subscribers: the past ten days have brought a surge of their own, and I'm all for this one).pt