Friday, January 13, 2006

Blogs & Print From Every Time Zone

updated Friday, January 13, 2006 8:53 AM EST
  1. Iraqi Sunni warn of Constitution impass (Beirut Daily Star)

  2. Israeli military selas off parts of West Bank (Haaretz)

  3. Iran threatens to cut links with nuke watchdog (LTimes)

  4. 345 dead in Mecca pilgrimage stampede (Arab News, SA)

  5. Rice rules out early attack on Iran (AFP/The Age)

  6. Bolivia's Morales extends conciliatory hand to US (CBS)

  7. Hamza urged militants to kill non-Muslims (BBC)

  8. Alito headed for confirmation as Justice (Washington Post)

  9. 389,000 acres open to oil drilling in Alaska (Anchorage DN)

  10. Pluto, here we come: NASA mission set to go (HoustonC)

  11. First sign that bird flu is mutating dangerously (Indepdt)

  12. NYC mayor attacking food (Boston Globe)

  13. Japan to deploy foreign spy planes in 2007 (Japan Times)

  14. Canadian study urges legalization of polygamy (TG&M)

  15. Veiled doll more popular than Barbie in Egypt (BBC)

  16. Cleavage and midriffs targeted in new dress code (NZH)

  17. India renegs on Kyoto greenhouse caps (Reuters)

Bloggerback: The latest blog chatter: From the left, the right, the in-between:

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  18. Booklust wonders why Oprah is defending the memoirist

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