Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Unplugged, bin Laden Naked, Posner re-Plugged: Monday Morning Bloggerback Is Up

It wasn't an easy one: Christmas week and good writing mix about as well as sausage, mustard and marmalade (last seen actually mixing at the King's School, Canterbury.) But here it is. From 800 trillion posts, the week's best, brightest, grimmest, silliest and least calorific prose from the world of bloggers. The line-up (click on the link to go directly to the summary and the post, or see the review whole):
  1. Christmas Post-Mortem (Mahblog)

  2. Wafah Dufour's Doff (JWL79 and The Black Iris)

  3. Subway Strike (Known Universe)

  4. The Web's George Washington (Tim Berners-Lee)

  5. Richard Posner Plugged-In (Becker-Posner)

  6. Our Kansas Fetish (Sometimeshappy)

  7. Penis Diversity (Delayedgrace)

  8. Rousseau of the Week (Let Me Go On and On)